Welcome to my homepage!

Barbara Roberts, jazz singer

Hello, I'm Barbara Roberts and singing is my life,
as a jazz singer, a choir leader, a vocal and a SingImTeam coach.

Singing calms me down when I'm nervous, it gives me comfort when I'm sad, and it allows me to express my feelings of joy and love. That's why I passionately love singing and making music, in particular together with other people. For example:

    • on stage, with my jazz ensemble Barbara Roberts & Band or the vocal jazz quartet The Funny Valentines,
    • with my female choir Die Tonjuwelen, which I formed years ago and which has developed into a kind of musical family,
    • with hearing-impaired people - my choir project for hearing-impaired people (link in German)
    • and last but not least, in my SingImTeam teambuilding workshops for companies, clubs, families, etc.
      Singing together creates – very naturally – a wonderful feeling of togetherness and harmony that is hard to achieve otherwise. Experience how your team members start to feel empathy for each other, harmonize with each other and grow together within only a few hours. I'm happy to support you with a workshop individually adapted for your particular situation.

      Having said that, I sincerely hope that you just sing - together with other people or in the shower, in the car or whenever you feel like singing. For singing makes you happy!

      Barbara Roberts