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May 2021

The Funny Valentines

Well, those rainy days in May were at least ideal to declutter your home. Sometimes you may even find real treasures in the attic :-)
Like The Funny Valentines did - 4 upbeat ladies found a funny ol' groove: Bounce Me, Brother, With A Solid 4

April 2021

The Funny Valentines

You were alone for Easter? Oh, but sometimes it's quite nice, actually, to take your time without having to consider somebody else's wants and needs:-)
Especially when you're in and out of family video chats. In Bavarian we like to say: Pfeif drauf! (What A Day For A Daydream)

February 2021

The Funny Valentines

To start the new year off, we put all our energies together again and created a lively video full of pink nonsense:

Christmas 2020

Life Is Change: Alexandra Fischer, our swinging bass, now addresses new projects - and we wish her lots of fun and success. Dear Ali, thank you very much for the wonderful time we spent together!

Now for the happy news: A Valentine already familiar to us and to many of you has returned: Gina Lindner. Yippie, now we can go on grooving straight away with our Gina!!

And that's exactly what we have been doing since October. For according to plan we would have had a Christmas gig on December 12… However, we used our energies to create music so that now I can proudly present 3 very special musical Christmas greetings:

The Funny Valentines

Have lots of fun watching, singing and swinging along!

Now let me wish you - also from The Funny Valentines and from my band - a peaceful, relaxed and happy Christmas and a good start of the new year.
May it be a better year with lots of luck, fun, music and most of all health. Take care of yourselves and keep your spirits up!

August 2020

Another new video of The Funny Valentines – recorded at the end of July using the Acapella app (see below). For all who have to cope without their summer holiday:
"La Mer" - a whiff of French sea breeze:

June/July 2020

There are 2 new videos of The Funny Valentines – recorded in June using the Acapella app, i.e. each one of us recorded her part alone at home and/or added her part to the ones already recorded and sent it on to the next one. This is the outcome of it:

The Funny Valentines

"The Bare Necessities": This is probably one of the best-known songs from Walt Disney's 1967 film The Jungle Book. It is our first song featuring Ali on Ukulele: 

The Funny Valentines

"It's A Good Day" – a song that surely lifts your spirits.
Especially nowadays the perfect motto to start the day:
Today is a good day from early morning to late at night ;-)

June 2020

Barbara und Davide Roberts

Another intimate living-room session at the Roberts': 
One of the most well-known jazz standards written by Duke Ellington and Milt Gabler. "In A Mellow Tone" - low swing with voice and piano.

The Funny Valentines

And in memoriam of The Funny Valentines' last public concert before Corona please find 2 clips here - live at the Altstadttheater Ingolstadt on 11 January 2020:
"Nagasaki": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC_sVV0GnVE
"Side By Side": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC_sVV0GnVE

May 2020

As a small consolation a musical compliment for you:
I am lucky to be married to my piano player and to be living with him ;-)
Therefore we just recorded 2 songs for you - a little provisionally using the mobile phone in the living room but live and without any cuts or corrections:

Barbara und Davide Roberts

"Way Over Yonder" is a song by Carole King describing a place where I feel good and where I find strength. For me, this place is in me, in my heart, and I hope everyone finds this place within herself/himself.

Barbara und Davide Roberts

"Hallo, scheena Mo!" (Bavarian for "Hello, handsome man") is a song I wrote early this May. With the mouth-and-nose mask it must be quite difficult now to meet somebody. The quick scan of someone's face is vehemently disturbed. BUT: You may register even more now those things you can see, and you may wonder what else might there be that you cannot see. So, the mask may fire your imagination and curiosity.

You can find the Bavarian lyrics below the video [MEHR ANSEHEN]. If you need/want a translation, please feel free to contact me :-)

Enjoy the videos and I hope to see you soon again - safe and sound and with lots of music!

Cheers – keep swinging,
Barbara Roberts

Visit us on YouTube:
Barbara Roberts und The Funny Valentines