The harmonious concept for successful cooperation

SingImTeam, Teambuilding by singing

You would like to get your team or your group to grow together? The team members should be more responsive to each other? Should feel connected?
Then why not try a different way of teambuilding: teambuilding by singing!


Yes, singing! Singing is a natural human instinct.
Just watch carefree children who unconcernedly sing to themselves while playing.
Remember those thrilling moments when the whole of a football stadium breaks into song to cheer their club.
Or think of yourself when you start your full-throated singing in unobserved moments like in the shower or in the car.

Have you ever had this exciting and invigorating feeling when you are part of a group and create an incredible sound together? It feels like everything in your body starts vibrating and you become one with the universe!

Singing together creates – very naturally – a wonderful feeling of togetherness and harmony that is hard to achieve otherwise. Experience how your team members start to feel empathy for each other, harmonize with each other and grow together within only a few hours. I'm happy to support you with a workshop individually adapted for your particular situation. → Feedback from participants 


Teambuilding by singing:
Your benefits

  • Presence – be heard and make yourself heard
  • Empathy – first listen closely and then strike the right note
  • Team spirit – harmonize with each other and thus create a bond
  • Health – breathe deeply and provide all organs with fresh oxygen
  • Relaxation – reduce stress and strengthen your body, mind and spirit
  • High spirits – increase your enthusiasm and optimism by released endorphins
  • Success – with a common goal differences become a minor matter 

Teambuilding by singing:
Taylor-made workshops

  • SingImTeam Relax
    Evening workshop to wind down
  • SingImTeam Coaching
    Rehearsal of songs for special occasions 
  • SingImTeam Commitment Act
    Create and rehearse a company song 
  • SingImTeam Activation
    A 45 to 90-minute activation at conferences or company events
  • SingImTeam Get Together
    A four-hour warm-up workshop with the team
  • SingImTeam Convent
    Intensive team building in seclusion
    with an overnight stay and a closing performance (1 to 2 days)


Teambuilding by singing:
Target groups

Teambuilding by singing is suited for all groups and teams who want to grow together, who want to harmonize with each other:

  • Companies and divisions
  • Sports teams and clubs
  • Families and friends


Teambuilding by singing:

  • If you can talk, that's enough. 
  • You don't have to be able to read music or have any previous singing experience. 
  • The workshops are structured in such a way that everybody can easily follow and have fun. 
  • Each participant contributes to the success of the whole group.



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"Singing increases your concentration, reduces pain, stress and depressions. After 20 minutes of singing the brain produces chemical messengers that have a positive influence on body and soul processes." (Karl Adamek, musical psychologist)

SingImTeam - Teambuilding by singing, team coach, teaming

"When someone sings from his soul, he is healing his inner world. When many sing from their souls and are one in the music, they are also healing the outer world." (Yehudi Menuhin, violin virtuoso)

SingImTeam - Teambuilding by singing, team coach, workshop

"Music softens your heart. (…) Yes, very quietly and without applying force music opens the doors to your soul."
(Sophie Scholl, resistance fighter)