Singing for expectant mothers and their babies

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Why is singing especially beneficial for expectant mothers and their babies growing in their bodies?

  • Singing makes you happy – this has long been scientifically proven. Whenever a mother-to-be is joyfully singing, the baby in her womb also gets his/her share of the endorphins.
  • The regular and deep breathing while singing leads to optimal oxygen supply as well as a high relaxation of the diaphragm and the whole lower abdomen.
  • Singing during pregnancy creates a tight bond between mother and child.
    The newborn baby recognizes his/her mother's familiar voice. Actually, not only her voice but also the songs sung to him/her while still in the womb. So, those familiar songs will have a soothing effect on the newborn baby.
  • And in particular singing with other mothers-to-be is simply fun! 

In groups of up to ten women we sing together. For, no matter if we sing high or low notes, fast or slow songs, the baby in the womb experiences the joy and energy his/her mother feels while singing.

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